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When doing crawlspace cleanouts and restoration we make sure it’s done right.


We believe in quality over quantity and strive to bring the best possible value to our customers.  We send our technicians to your site to inspect and assess your specific issue in order to give you accurate options and pricing for remediating your pest control problem.  We will do as much or as little as our customer desires but we will bring to their attention to full extent of the problem and our capabilities to resolve it.


Crawlspaces are by far the most common entry access point of rodents into a home and also one of the least monitored areas by the homeowner.  Rodent access points often go unnoticed for quite some time allowing the rodents to damage and contaminate everything from sub-floor insulation and vapor barrier to duct systems for the heating and cooling units.  They have even been known to damage plumbing and electrical over time.  Aside from the health concerns of direct contact with rodent feces, urine and carcasses, pathogens can still reach inside the home even if the rodents never leave the crawl.  Disconnected vents or unsealed seams on rigid ductwork can allow unwanted debris to enter the airway of the duct system such as dust, insulation particles and pathogens.


Insulation in the attic space of your home that is compacted, contaminated, insufficient or missing altogether will have a major impact on not only the costs of heating and cooling your home, but the health and safety of your family.  Another often overlooked benefit of attic insulation is the sound dampening effect.  It can be as regular and disturbing as being under the flight path of an airport or as minor as wind and rain but the sound dampening effects of an insulated attic are undeniable.  In fact there are even products developed for these “flight path” situations called cellulose which have the same insulation properties as the fiberglass insulation with much improved sound proofing that are available upon request.


  • Complete removal and replacement of contaminated or knocked down insulation
  • Installing missing sub floor insulation
  • Rodent exclusion and HEPA vacuum waste removal on ledges and pier pads
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Removal and replacement of damaged, contaminated or substandard vapor barrier
  • Installation of missing vapor barrier
  • Duct replacement, sealing, and / or insulating


We know you have choices. Especially when it comes to your home and its maintenance we want to not only provide you a complimentary estimate – we also want to show you the issues you might be facing in your attic or crawl space. Let us show you the Independent Clean Crawls difference – our attention to detail and getting it right will leave you confident that you are getting the best value and the best workmanship!

My infestation was extensive and I was surprised that the price was as reasonable as it is. I had read some of the reviews and expected it to be much higher. I felt confident that I had hired a very professional company and am pleased that I have Scott as my inspector.




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