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Crawl Space Cleanouts

When doing crawl space cleanouts and restoration we make sure it’s done right.  We arrive to the site with an enclosed cargo trailer and brand new product.  We start by removing all the contaminated subfloor insulation and bagging it up in the crawl space for removal.  We then sweep / vacuum all the ledges and pier pads before rolling up and bagging the old vapor barrier.  This ensures that as much of the contamination as possible is removed from the crawl space before introducing the new materials.  We then use a sanitizer / deodorizer on all applicable surfaces and seal any exclusion points to prevent future rodent access.  After we roll out and the secure the new vapor barrier we bring in the new subfloor insulation.  We install the new insulation into the subfloor and secure it into place using poly twine and a pneumatic staple gun.  This ensures that your crawl space is like new when we leave the site.

I was able to get an inspection and estimate within an hour after the call. Jake and his crew arrived on the next business day, worked an 8 hour day and completed our crawl space cleanout, disinfection and replacement of insulation. They were polite, clean, and thorough. They also cleaned the garage and hauled off what was infested. Their estimate was $1,000 under the other bid I got!! I would highly recommend them and definitely rehire them.




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